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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whole30... DONE! Stick a Fork In It!

We did it!  

We did it right.  

And now we are into the 'reintroduction' phase.  There where issues that cleared up during the program so I'm a bit apprehensive as to which food group caused them.  Dairy has been added back with no issues so far.  Thursday will be 'grains'.

It was an interesting journey.  I thought I would miss milk a lot more than I did... it was my hot tea I missed most.  Himself is excited for Thursday and his first bowl of cereal in a month.

My results haven't be the miraculous ones so often reported but they were definitely there.  The Whole30 web site has a 2 page check list of possible "Non-scale victories" (benefits) that could come with doing the program.  These are the ones I noticed:

Clearer skin
Less under-eye circles
Less stiff joints
Less heartburn
Less chronic pain (non-specific aches)
No longer slave to sugar/carbs
Fewer cravings

But there was no super energy or a whole new mental focus.

I learned a lot too, like:

Darn near everything has added sugar!  
(I am now a label reader).
That I can do without being a milk-a-holic.
That fruit IS still sweet.
That it is almost impossible to have a healthy meal at a restaurant.
It would be impossible for us to maintain during travels.
It reset my portion control ability.

And there was definitely a 'scale' victory!  I lost 7.5 pound in the 30 days (which brought me to a mile stone) and Himself lost 12.5 pounds.  

It has been a very worthwhile endeavor.  However, it will not become a lifestyle for us.  It's far too restrictive for our lifestyle and tastes.

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  1. I agree that a whole-foods lifestyle is very difficult to maintain outside of your house. We've learned to hit up grocery stores for vegetables (there's always a sink or water fountain to wash tomatoes, carrots, or peppers). Once we bought an aseptic box of black beans and split it for a snack :-)


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